Membership Conditions

How to Become a Member of Potiad?

1. Filling the Potiad Membership Form completely and correctly

2. The completed Membership Form must be delivered to Potiad, the "Authorized Signature" on the first page of the Membership Form and the original copy and the photograph of the representative must be sent to Potiad. It is requested that the passport photos of the member be sent separately by e-mail and their resolution should be at least 300 dpi.

3. Examining the documents submitted in full by the Potiad General Secretariat, Companies that have been Potiad members before and have not paid the membership fees, can be accepted to membership again only if they pay their old debts.

4. The company information, which is examined by the Potiad General Secretariat, is put on the agenda of the Potiad Board of Directors for approval. The Potiad Board of Directors normally meets monthly. Appointment of candidate members as permanent members is made with the approval of the Board of Directors.

5. A "Member acceptance letter" is sent to the Legal or Real Persons accepted for membership by the Potiad Board of Directors.

6. It is obligatory to pay the annual Potiad membership fees to the specified bank accounts. Legal or natural persons must first pay the Entry fee in order to become a member of Potiad. Potiad annual membership fee must be deposited into the account of the institution. Membership process is completed with Entry and Annual Fee payment.

7. The membership is automatically renewed at the beginning of each financial year, unless the company that has been accepted as a member notifies Potiad in writing that it wishes to leave the membership. Important Note: In case of a change in the company information (representative, address, telephone, fax, field of activity, etc.) in the completed form, these changes must be notified to Potiad by the member within 15 days. Otherwise, the information in the Potiad database will be considered valid and Potiad cannot be held responsible for this.

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