Purpose and Principles

  • The Polish Turkish Businessmen Association offers a wide range of services to help companies that want to establish and expand new businesses in Turkey, and Poland, support trade between the two countries, and engage in other business-related activities.
  • To promote and follow the economic cooperation between Turkey and Poland and between Turkey and other European Union countries.
  • To support the initiatives of its members, and to defend their interests against the Turkish-Polish authorities.
  • To reinforce the sense of solidarity among its members, to develop and encourage relations between its members and the economic organizations and institutions in Turkey-Poland European Union countries.
  • To find solutions to the sectoral problems of Turkish entrepreneurs in Poland.
  • To prevent general and youth unemployment by contributing to the elimination of the educational problems of the Turkish society in Poland.
  • Participating directly or indirectly in fairs and exhibitions, assisting in the establishment and organization of these fairs and exhibitions,
  • To ensure that its members are informed and enlightened in accordance with the purpose of the Association, to develop business relations or to ensure that they come together for social purposes, to organize meetings on these issues, to carry out necessary studies and take measures regarding these issues,
  • Assisting in arbitration or consultancy in commercial and professional disputes,
  • Organizing trips to Poland, Europe, Turkey, and other countries,
  • To guide commercial and political delegations coming to Turkey and Poland,
  • To take initiatives in line with the purpose of the Association before ministries, public and private institutions, Embassies, Consulates, Commercial Attachés, and all related institutions,
  • The association maintains all its services in accordance with the principles of impartiality and confidentiality.
  • Our members benefit from all our services under privileged conditions.

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