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As of October 19, 2019, I have taken over the Presidency from Sabri Bekdaş Chairman in Potiad, where I served as a Member of the Board of Directors for 25 years, including 2 terms as Presidency in the previous years and 3 years as Vice Chairman in the last term. We owe a debt of gratitude to all the Presidents, Members of the Board of Directors, Professional Staff and Members who have served from past to present in Potiad, of which our late President Mr. Süleymen Demirel is an honorary member, and who has undertaken a very important mission in economic relations in Poland. I wish you mercy.

Potiad has enlarged and kept alive a structure that it laid its foundation in 1997 by adding more to it over the years. The experience of Turkish and Polish businessmen in the Polish market shines through POTIAD like a flare, a lighthouse.

By making great strides towards becoming a quarter-century-old association, we have turned into an institution with constantly growing and developing members, with investments in many fields from fabric to tourism, gastronomy to construction. However, we see ourselves as a family business. Because we have never lost our family values, on the contrary, we have always developed them. We are a big family that is interlocked with the energy of production and with very strong bonds such as love, respect, unity, loyalty, solidarity and justice. We are meeting around the same values with our team, which puts people at the center of everything it does and has achieved to become a world citizen with the global perspective it has developed, and we believe that we will pursue common dreams. We are expanding our business to new sectors without losing our entrepreneurial spirit on the first day, and we believe that we will work hard to represent our country in Poland in the best way possible.

We believe that no success is a coincidence, but that success will be achieved as a result of a good team, a good management applied with determination, the right projects and determined work. We know very well that making it sustainable is as important as gaining success. We will continue to grow and increase the value of our country by owning exemplary brands in every geography we exist.

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