Polish-Turkish Businessmen's Association was established on 29.03.1997 in Warsaw. Mr. Fikret Büyükbayrak, the number one founding member of the association, also served as the first president until 2000. Ali İhsan Aydın, a retired literature teacher, served as the general secretary between 1997-2000. Mr. Sait Büyükbayrak, who was elected as the chairman in 2000, continued this duty until the general assembly in 2003. During this period, Mr. Selçuk Yargıcı served as the general secretary. In the general assembly held in March 2003, Mr. Selçuk Yargıcı was appointed as the chairman. With the decision taken at the general assembly in March 2004, academic member Assoc. Dr. Ozturk Emiroglu was brought.
The number one honorary member of the Poland – Turkey Businessmen Association, former President Mr. Süleymen Demirel, the number two honorary member, the former Ambassador of Turkey to Warsaw, Mr. Korkmaz Haktanır, the number three honorary member again, Mr. Solmaz Ünaydın, the honorary member number four, former undersecretary Mr. Hüseyin Avni Aksoy and its honorary member number five is the former commercial attaché, Mr. Selçuk Yargıcı.
Poland – Türkiye Businessmen Association is a member of DEİK. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to a school in Wroclaw, Poland, in the signing of the "Free Trade Agreement" between Poland and Turkey, Turkish Airlines' initiation of scheduled flights to Warsaw, in Poland and in the meeting of the Turkey-Poland Business Council. The association played an active role in naming the name and in many other activities. The association is always ready to do its part in increasing business, friendship, cultural and artistic activities between Turkey and Poland.

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